ONE EYE.  a poem.  I used to be – a – Single – Eye!  It was not fun, and, oft, I’d sigh!  No depth perception, no matching pair . . . just one eye . . . and did I stare!  Looking for another I – somewhere – out there . . I might  spy?  Just one other eye for me”!  Just One I – for which to see – Nothing 3 – D, nothing full – Every day – Was push and pull!  “What’s the reason?  to-see-at-all!” I’d ask myself.  I would call :  OUT, into the Great Wild Haze, seeking one more I to gaze. Upon a World so contrived!  I did give up! Then, you arrived!  To give me sight – And Love – And Hope – Two eyes combined, so we won’t mope . . . BUT clever-ly we’ll seek design: I love you – Eye – will you be mine?    â¤  

Mim x