​Most beautiful people whom love to be in the Garden of God, it matters only that your heart is love the rest will develop over time. even the smallest mustard seed grows to be a great tree . Take notice of the ones that sow the seeds of love for they are a part of the most sacred part of you. God calls on you each day to live the love you share with him and by doing so you dry the tears of the sad, you uplift the hopes of all who search for truth and find it within yourself as well. I love you all, you may ask how is that possible ? when You are a child of a loving God all things can be possible. The sacredness within your blood is what connects you to life of God. as it passes through your heart it gives witness to the power of love you have surrendered to. The days of the times we live in now call allowed to become one with life, life being love, and love being life . For the Prophecies of the saints from the beginning talk of this time we walk in now.  Your life wont end but where you choose to go will be what you are being called to answer at this time.  Be love my beautiful friends and know you are the walking blessings of our Eternal